On the web in 2010

03 March 2010 - Blogroll

On the web in 2010: the Carbon Based Curiosities have been just as perplexed about one particular solution to carbon dioxide sequestration as this blog and did the math. Org Prep Daily brings you a Fisher indole synthesis and staying on the indole theme the Organosynthetic & Organometallic Chemistry website is alkylating tryptamine. Free advice from Curlyarrow on catalytic hydrogenation and more free advice from Round Bottom Flask on HPLC.

Totally Synthetic explains Communesin F, Henry Rzepa questions the validity of the quintuple bond (truly quintuple?) and Steven Bachrach shows how Dewar benzene is stable against the odds. In cheminformatics Depth First explains how to create a PubChem mirror. (how about a Wikipedia mirror tool!) and Metamolecular has a bit on Chempedia (the novel open chemical substance registry) on Twitter. In the Pipeline has a delightful blog on FOOF and why to stay away from it. Nanoscale views asks the question why claims of priory are occasionally found in scientific literature, are the editors paying attention?. This blog feels it is the world turned upside down: A claim should be mandatory!. Too often a scientist reports a chemical procedure using this or that method with this or that substrate using a particular set of conditions and monitored using that type of equipment keeping in the dark if the procedure, method, substrate, condition or monitoring device is new. It facilitates second-rate research and relieves editors from the burden of doing actual editorial work (that regrettably is a win:win). But the journal Physical Review A in question actually forbids the use of words like new or novel because all material accepted for publication (...) is expected to contain new results in physics anyway.