NNNS chemistry blog http://chem.vander-lingen.nl Chemistry blog : news - comments - basics in chemistry en-us 1440 New in Grignards http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in Grignards/id/294/itemid/949 Researchers from the Fraunhofer IMM institute in Germany have devised a metal reactor for the continuous delivery of Grignard reagents as reported in OPR and D (DOI). The lab-scale synthesis of these reagents is always a challenge let alone their use in industry. The authors note the dependence on t Sunday 19 Jan 2020 20:47:22 Industrial scale calixarenes http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Industrial scale calixarenes/id/294/itemid/948 It is one of these classic Organic Syntheses preps: para-t-butyl-8-calixarene (DOI). Just take para-tert-butylphenol, paraformaldehyde, sodium hydroxide and xylene, stir and reflux and out comes the wonderfully vase shaped molecule. In a recent JOC contribution Cornelius Haase has been re-investiga Sunday 05 Jan 2020 13:05:19 2D ice growth revealed http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/2D ice growth revealed/id/294/itemid/947 Ever wondered how a two-dimensional nanosheet of ice grows on the edges? With a good sense of public relations (submitted to Nature in May but published online January 1 2020, first research article in a new decade) Runze Ma et al. (DOI) have tried to find out. They grew a 2D hexagonal bilayer of ic Saturday 04 Jan 2020 20:41:06 Novel disulfide reducing agent http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Novel disulfide reducing agent/id/293/itemid/946 Mthembu et al. report on a new reducing agent for disulfides (DOI). A range of such agents widely used in biochemistry are 2-mercaptoethanol, dithiothreitol (DTT) and TCEP and serve deprotection purpose and can cleave spacers. They all tend to suffer from poor reducing power, low reactivity, limited Saturday 07 Dec 2019 12:02:55 A MOF for nitrogen dioxide http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/A MOF for nitrogen dioxide/id/293/itemid/945 Schröder and Yang of the University of Manchester report on a new way to remove nitrogen dioxide from an exhaust using MOF's (Li et al. DOI). NOx compounds are hazardous to human health and damage eco systems. The diesel emissions scandal made clear new ways to tackle NOx are in need (previous repor Tuesday 03 Dec 2019 21:25:40 The hamburger problem http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The hamburger problem/id/292/itemid/944 In a recent article submitted to chemrxiv Christopher Southan introduces the reader to the hamburger problem in big data science (link). There are two things that are keeping data scientists from mining the huge mountain of scientific data that has accumulated over the past 200 years. One of them is Saturday 23 Nov 2019 10:03:03 PFAS lock down http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/PFAS lock down/id/291/itemid/943 The Netherlands are already in a reactive nitrogen lock down with 18,000 building and construction projects halted indefinitely because reactive nitrogen emissions from these projects destroy biodiversity. One possible solution considered by policy makers is the reduction of the agro industry (takin Saturday 26 Oct 2019 13:47:46 A hexagonal planar complex http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/A hexagonal planar complex/id/291/itemid/942 A hexagonal planar transition metal complex is reported from the Crimmin Group (Marti Garçon et al. DOI). In textbook chemistry any metal with 6 ligands either adopts a Trigonal prismatic molecular geometry or a Octahedral molecular geometry geometry so this arrangement is unusual. The new compound Monday 21 Oct 2019 21:14:31 New in SLA http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in SLA/id/291/itemid/941 Unusual to see the three authors of a Science article also listed as the CEO, CTO and chairman of a commercial business. The article is about 3D printing (DOI) and the company is 3D printing company Azul3D. Okay, Walker, Hedrick and Mirkin also work at Northwestern University. Stereolithography Wednesday 09 Oct 2019 18:42:51 New in CASP http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in CASP/id/290/itemid/940 Quick update from the field of CASP (Computer Assisted Synthesis Planning) by Thakkar / Kogey / Reymond / Engkvist / Bjerrum in a recent ChemRxiv article (DOI). In it they bring artificial intelligence to retrosynthetic analysis, a particular chemical human art thus far obtained "through years of ex Sunday 29 Sep 2019 14:42:59 New in nitrogen reduction http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in nitrogen reduction/id/290/itemid/939 New nitrogen reduction paper out on ChemRxiv (Bruch et al. DOI). See earlier nitrogen reduction coverage here and here. Alexander Miller heads the Miller group at UNC and has been publishing about catalysis since 2005. The publication trail almost inevitably has been leading up to nitrogen reduction Monday 16 Sep 2019 18:48:06 Tetravinylallene http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Tetravinylallene/id/290/itemid/938 Tetravinylallene is new improbable molecule out of the laboratory of M.S. Sherburn (Elgindy et al. DOI). This blog has been reporting about earlier stranger things such as divinylallene in 2011 and 3-vinyl-1,4,heptadiene in 2012. They all belong to a class of hydrocarbons called dendralenes that hav Friday 13 Sep 2019 13:23:41 New in Mitsunobu http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in Mitsunobu/id/290/itemid/937 In Science this week Beddoe et al. report on a catalytic Mitsunobu reaction (DOI). The classic Mitsunobu is a seemingly simple reaction of an alcohol with an acid to form an ester but with two improbable stoichiometric additives triphenyl phoshine and DEAD. The reaction mechanism is bewildering but Sunday 01 Sep 2019 19:59:20 Elements in the news http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Elements in the news/id/289/itemid/936 New segment on this blog. Elements in the news. What have they been up to lately? Tantalum and other metals have been discovered inside millions of discarded phones and laptops just waiting to be mined / recycled the BBC reports (link). Interesting use here of the phrase "endangered metals". Che Saturday 24 Aug 2019 11:43:41 Scotch on Whisky http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Scotch on Whisky/id/289/itemid/935 Can you taste the difference between an 12-year old Glenfiddich and an 15-year old Glenfiddich? According to a group of Scottish researchers you can not and they have therefore devised a laboratory method that can. (Macias et al. DOI) (TheGuardian report). The newly developed biosensor is based Saturday 03 Aug 2019 10:41:46 Scite check for chemists http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Scite check for chemists/id/288/itemid/934 This month in the US, The National Science Foundation awarded AI startup scite 224,559 dollars in funding for their 'deep learning platform to identify confirming and refuting citations' (link, link). Go to the scite.ai website, enter a DOI and find out how many publications either mentioned the art Saturday 20 Jul 2019 22:04:42 Global aromaticty http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Global aromaticty/id/288/itemid/933 Hückel's rule predicts that any cyclic conjugated system with 2n+4 electrons is aromatic with marked consequences for reactivity en spectroscopy. The classic examples with an increasing number of participating electrons are the cyclopropenium ion (n=0) benzene (n=1) and the cyclooctatetraenide anion Saturday 20 Jul 2019 11:59:15 Tetracene as drug precursor http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Tetracene as drug precursor/id/287/itemid/932 Dennis, Okumura and Sarlah report a synthesis of idarubicinone, a compound closely related to and precursor to Idarubicin, a well known antileukemic drug. (DOI) They are both members of the anthracycline class of drugs that work by intercalating with DNA. They can do that because they are flat as a Tuesday 25 Jun 2019 20:56:23 A silanone http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/A silanone/id/287/itemid/931 In chemistry silicon to oxygen chemical bonds are nothing special, just look at siloxanes. But whereas a single bond is common, a double bond would require some counseling between the two. In a so-called silanone R(R)Si=0 a large difference in electronegativity is in the way and orbital mixing is g Sunday 23 Jun 2019 19:31:08 New in ethanol oxidation http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in ethanol oxidation/id/287/itemid/930 Liang et al. report a direct 12-electron ethanol oxidation with a new type of catalyst system. Ethanol fuel cells have a lot of advantages: high energy content, non-toxic, fuel readily available, light-weight but are not exactly commerce-ready: the only cell found available in a shop is a fuel cell Monday 10 Jun 2019 11:30:34