NNNS chemistry blog http://chem.vander-lingen.nl Chemistry blog : news - comments - basics in chemistry en-us 1440 A silanone http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/A silanone/id/287/itemid/931 In chemistry silicon to oxygen chemical bonds are nothing special, just look at siloxanes. But whereas a single bond is common, a double bond would require some counseling between the two. In a so-called silanone R(R)Si=0 a large difference in electronegativity is in the way and orbital mixing is g Sunday 23 Jun 2019 19:31:08 New in ethanol oxidation http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New in ethanol oxidation/id/287/itemid/930 Liang et al. report a direct 12-electron ethanol oxidation with a new type of catalyst system. Ethanol fuel cells have a lot of advantages: high energy content, non-toxic, fuel readily available, light-weight but are not exactly commerce-ready: the only cell found available in a shop is a fuel cell Monday 10 Jun 2019 11:30:34 Antimonene 2.0 http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Antimonene 2.0/id/287/itemid/929 In a next iteration on the graphene theme, Peng et al. report on a new synthesis of antimonene. (DOI). In an ideal world antimonene is a single two-dimensional layer of antimony hexagons but in the harsh laboratory reality layers stick together to form multilayers and instead of one smooth layer you Saturday 08 Jun 2019 19:54:43 Shell publicity stunt http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Shell publicity stunt/id/287/itemid/928 Very recently this blog (based in The Netherlands) had the opportunity to tank gasoline at a Shell station that had on offer a brand new product: carbon dioxide compensation. And very affordable: on one litre of E95 at 1,71 euro it costs just one cent. Shell's carbon footprint is a hot topic, the Du Saturday 08 Jun 2019 12:26:58 New Xtacy perfume rolled out http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/New Xtacy perfume rolled out/id/286/itemid/927 Quick dispatch from the illegal drug laboratory battle front (earlier episode here). Parts of The Netherlands are littered with them but how to make members of the public aware of a hidden drug lab where they live or work? After all, the smell of cannabis from an illegal plantation may be familiar t Sunday 26 May 2019 20:19:53 Penta aqua nitrosyl iron sulphate http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Penta aqua nitrosyl iron sulphate/id/286/itemid/926 In the nitrate test iron(II) sulfate is added to a solution suspected of containing nitrates followed by slowly adding sulfuric acid so that it forms a layer below the aqueous layer. If nitrates are out there they reveal themselves by a visible brown ring between the two layers. The chemical reactio Friday 24 May 2019 09:49:09 Ozonolysis latest http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Ozonolysis latest/id/286/itemid/925 As pointed out by Smaligo et al. in a recent article in Science,(DOI) in organic synthesis it is not always about combining small molecules to create larger ones but occasionally it can be about cutting existing bonds. Ozonolysis is a classic reaction involving the cleavage of an alkenes, for exampl Sunday 19 May 2019 11:39:54 The cathones have it, the cathones have it! http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The cathones have it, the cathones have it!/id/285/itemid/924 The list of citations of Professor Jun Chen (ORCID) has a clear theme: that of batteries! Name a compound and apply it in a battery somehow be it carbon monoxide, manganese hydroperoxide, nanotubes or benzoquinone. A recent publication concerns cyclohexanehexone as target compound, for use as cathod Saturday 27 Apr 2019 16:36:27 The finite seawater engine http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The finite seawater engine/id/285/itemid/923 Not an infinite submarine engine running on seawater. That was my brain getting carried away from just scanning the title. First,carefully read the article and then rush to conclusions. The article in question (DOI) explains how seawater can work as the one end of a galvanic cell, not for use in sub Wednesday 24 Apr 2019 19:07:11 The helium hydride ion http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The helium hydride ion/id/285/itemid/922 In the news this week: helium hydride or more precise the helium hydride cation. And in the news why? The first ever detection of the molecule in space by an international group of radio astronomers. (DOI) The observation was made inside SOFIA (a plane with an on-board telescope operating at an alti Saturday 20 Apr 2019 19:49:58 Who wants to read a database http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Who wants to read a database/id/285/itemid/921 Not impressed at all. Not impressed by this press release here from Springer Nature about a new book called "Lithium-Ion Batteries" and authored by Beta Writer. Strange name for an author and so chosen because it is written by an algorithm as in machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Bots are Thursday 04 Apr 2019 19:05:18 Super Aluminium http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Super Aluminium/id/284/itemid/920 As reported by Sun et al. in Science, ( DOI) a novel way to strengthen aluminium. The article explains that ever since the original 1906 patent on the invention of solid-state precipitation as a way to strengthen aluminium alloys nothing much has happened. The alloy is heated and the more precipitat Saturday 02 Mar 2019 12:32:41 The asphalt problem http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The asphalt problem/id/283/itemid/919 The asphalt problem is closely related to the water problem and coined by Benner and Carrigan in 2012 (DOI) discussing RNA in the RNA world. Any laboratory model for the abiogenesis of this biomolecule suffers from the complex mixtures (asphalt) typically obtained from simple precursor molecules suc Saturday 16 Feb 2019 12:31:00 OK that smells http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/OK that smells/id/283/itemid/918 Scary moment there on Saturday morning for a section of the Dutch population roughly living between the centre of the country and the north-east, a 150 km by 50 km stretch. (Link). For eye witnesses I had to look no further than one of my sisters who went into a panic because of a] a distinct gas sm Monday 11 Feb 2019 18:46:47 LaRuSi for ammonia synthesis http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/LaRuSi for ammonia synthesis/id/282/itemid/917 Ammonia synthesis with electrides update. In 2012 Kitano et al. used a ruthenium doped Ca/Al/O zeolite (previous report) and in 2018 the catalyst of choice is La/Ru/Si (DOI). Synthesis: combine elemental lanthanum, ruthenium and silicon by arc welding, repeat melting 5 times and anneal at 1000 d Sunday 16 Dec 2018 21:19:46 Mob infiltrates chemistry faculties http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Mob infiltrates chemistry faculties/id/282/itemid/916 Small news bit to be filed in the section "Dutch illegal drugs trade". (latest episode here) According to the mayor of the Dutch town of Westervoorde the mob is infiltrating schools and universities with the aim to recruit chemistry students for a "career" in illegal drug laboratories. (NOS news). I Saturday 01 Dec 2018 16:21:49 The new electronic kilogram http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/The new electronic kilogram/id/281/itemid/915 We have a new kilogram! The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (IBWM) has retired the international prototype kilogram, an actual piece of metal alloy made in 1879. A better way to define a kilogram was badly needed and as newspaper The Guardian puts it the newly adopted method "instead de Saturday 17 Nov 2018 13:08:33 All R and D budget spent on .. lawyers http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/All R and D budget spent on .. lawyers/id/281/itemid/914 Interesting legal issue as reported by my fav newspaper: (link) funds earmarked for research and development spent on lawyers? These lawyers represent bioscience startup Secmatix and they have battled those of Radboud University Nijmegen in several court cases. Secmatix started as a spin-off exploit Friday 02 Nov 2018 20:48:31 MicroED for Joe Molecule http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/MicroED for Joe Molecule/id/280/itemid/913 Was getting a lot of mentions on Twitter this week: MicroED for small ordinary molecules by Brian Stoltz and Tamir Gonen. (DOI) Organic chemists are excited because of the promise of a new easy-to-exploit tool for molecular structure elucidation. Transmission electron cryomicroscopy (cryoTEM Thursday 18 Oct 2018 22:14:43 Optical tweezers for chemists http://chem.vander-lingen.nl/articles/Optical tweezers for chemists/id/280/itemid/912 Part of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Arthur Ashkin for his invention of optical tweezers in 1986. If you want to know what these are look no further than Youtube University for example with Styropyro demonstrating levitating nano-diamonds in a laser (link) or Phils Musical Snippets Saturday 13 Oct 2018 21:04:38