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Vista / pdf trouble

Vista / pdf trouble
29 March 2008 - IT

My library recently installed Vista on all their computers with some unexpected consequences. All of a sudden pdf files are unable to simply open in a browser, instead you have to explicitly open the file by clicking a bar located just below the address bar. Apparently according to Vista opening any pdf file constitutes a serious security risk. This is just a nuisance but there is more.

For some reason the library Vista browser is unable to open any pdf file from Wiley publishers (for instance any Angewandte Chemie article), possibly because it is unable to recognise the mime files types. Well then, simply access the html file instead, problem solved. Other problem solved: save html file as a .mht file (Mime HTML), the Microsoft pdf killer. This application (just like a pdf) includes any image inside the single html file making the pdf format obsolete. The only issues to solve then are the image sizes in the .mht file which for Wiley publications are tiny and the general remark that standard issue FireFox does not support Mime HTML (the browser wars continue).

The library helpdesk too is surprised the pdf files do not load properly and suggest renaming the file with a token name and a pdf extension. At first this trick seems to work but by the time the article has arrived on my own server the article is still unreadable.

Update 27 May: The Adobe help desk thus far did not send a reply to my inquiry sent in 18 May..
Update 1 June: Problem solved! All pdf files readable as before.