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Elsewhere on the internet
31 December 2014 - Blogroll sort of

This blog (if you can call it one) conspicuously does not have a blogroll. Practical reason one: the content management system this blog is written on was conceived before blogs became mainstream and the developer is particularly lazy. Practical reason two: a blogroll is one thing but you only want to collect active blogs. So on the last day of 2014: what else is going on in terms of chemistry blogs in 2014 (excluding the corporates).

Find science gift suggestions at In The Pipeline. Enjoy an image of an ambitious pilot reactor at Org Prep Daily or gas cylinders at chembark and find out how LCD's work at Chemistry Blog. Postdoc musings can be found at The Organic Solution and teaching musing at Just Like Cooking and TEACHING Chemistry. Very appropriately for this time of the year find the chemistry of Champagne at CompoundInterest, how to avoid antifreeze-poisoning at The Chemical Blog and a rum review can be found at Chemistry of the Cocktail. And take the quiz at The Chronicle Flask!

A warning on hydrogen sulfide is available at Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages and find out how Henry Rzepa risked his life and his family home as a 12 year old. More on astrochemistry in Tree Town Chem, on photocatalysis at B.R.S.M, on supramolecular chemistry in Synthesising Ideas, on reversible covalent kinase inhibitors at The Curious Wavefunction, on NMR at Practical Fragments and on metathesis at All Things Metathesis

Read about the chemistry of alkanes at James Kennedy and be behind the scenes of a cross-coupling (vodka is a solvent?) at Open Flask and be more behind the scenes of a publication at FX's blog. Practical advise on GC-MS sampling on MJLPHD and a totally serious topic on moustached chemists at Key to Chemistry (remember after Movember comes Decembeard!) Total synthesis people can be found at Synthetic Nature and Interesting Organic Chemistry.

And finally a moving piece at Lamentations on Chemistry. If you do not have time to do any reading consider at least this one.