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Elsewhere on the Net

Elsewhere on the Net
09 January 2016 - The Blogs

One year ago this blog featured the segment Elsewhere On The Internet and again this year we have a look at other blogs happening around the world.

Lamentations on Chemistry discusses the hidden dangers of cleaning up magnesium. Another warning is from In The Pipeline on a recent incident with trimetylalumium. But what is Donald Trump doing in the comments section? For serious synthetic chemistry visit Interesting Organic Chemistry. For practical chemistry: MJLPHD produces of cypress oil, Chempics explains everything about cinnamon and My Passion For Inorganic Chemistry demonstrates 5 ways to synthesise oxygen in a smart video. The blog's owner is Shiva and his neighbours will be unhappy to learn the entire thing was filmed at his home! Read FX's blog for the curse of coercive citations. In OpenFlask the Baran lab has the behind-the-scenes on the antroquinol story. Regarding All Things Metathesis, is it possible to devote an entire blog to a single type of organic reaction? Yes.

Mass-spectroscopy enthusiasts go to Practical Fragments. The Curious Wavefunction asks itself if chemistry is a true science. After all synthetic chemists shun hypotheses and never falsify. Henry Rzepa in 2016 continues on a project (diazo coupling) he started in 1972. That is perseverance. More on azo systems in Computational Organic Chemistry. The Chemical Blog is building Minecraft molecules Just Like Cooking while digging around in ancient literature came across a chemical reaction procedure that involved heating up stuff to 450°C! By big coincidence OrgPrepDaily recently managed to ruin a flask in a similar high temperature experiment

Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages has the news on the new elements confirmed in the Periodic Table and announces the hunt for element 119, also table related The Chronicle Flask urges everyone to sign the petition for octarine as the new official name for element number 117, CompoundInterest also speculates on what the official names the new elements will eventually end up having. Apparently a competing petition exists for Lemmium!