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Clean that NMR tube

Clean that NMR tube
17 January 2016 - Laboratory procedures

Some practical advice from Thanh Binh Nguyen in the latest issue of OPR&D: a novel way to clean NMR tubes! (DOI). This being a long-outstanding challenge in laboratories all over the world you might be interested. The method requires a vacuum desiccator and a beaker and nothing else. It is advertised as an affordable method and one that allows bulk processing. With the tubes placed upside-down in a beaker containing a cleaning solvent, the bottom line is that in successive vacuum cycles solvent enters and exits the tubes.

This communication surely was swift! Received January 1 2016 and published on-line January 6! Glad to note that at least some people regard the first day of a year a regular working day. At a minimum you still have to push the "send email" button. The article is unique in another way: just one page with just one reference! Can we have more of those?