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06 July 2009 - on the web part II

Once again a tour of the chemistry blogs from the past several weeks.
Useful Chemistry is an so-called Open Notebook Science project aimed at synthesizing new anti-malarial compounds. This blog is currently preoccupied with gathering solubility data. Another open source project is described by Chem-bla-ics this time not dealing with collaborative molecule making but computing.

A chemical sabbatical has an irregular feature called Poisons of the day with this years poison arsenic! because apparently it makes us susceptible to flu. The more consistent Molecule of the Day is all about Slentrol - an obesity drug for dogs? Obesity, this time in humans is on the radar in the periodic Tabloid

And then there are the minor setbacks: Carbon Based Curiosities complains about his glovebox, The Chem Blog does not like the new neighborhood he has moved to, The Chemistry Blog has some desiccator issues.

Org. Prep. Daily points our attention to an insightful article related to the pharmaceutical industry. Apparently rational drug design only brings ruin and good old fashioned luck in finding new blockbuster drugs prevail. By the way the costs in drug development is in the clinical trials, not the chemistry! Another rational-design sceptic is Corante commenting on somebody else criticizing the efficiency of high-throughput screening (the opposite approach to rational design).

Practical advice: by Curly Arrow on how to make instant dry HCl gas and by Anne Marie's Chemical blog on how to make a smoke bomb (if you feel like starting a riot). xrqcwgf is facing a difficult Grignard. Practical information: bridgehead Carbon makes quorum sensing molecules understandable or at least the quorum-sensing bacteria part. The Reactive Chemistry Blog exposes some improbable chemistry: a secret reaction between carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide that would eliminate two climate/environmental problems in one go although the blog has to concede the reaction can be exothermic.

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