CRD for real

CRD for real
31 December 2020 - Mission accomplished

kemet small.PNGI have been updating you on the chemical reaction database (CRD) I have been building. It took up most of my 2020 but a lot of additional spare time had opened up for me since March with no vacation destinations. It is finally there and can be reached at You may wonder what the kmt is about. I thought it would be fun to connect the site with km.t or kemet which is the ancient Egyptian root word for chemistry. The phrase even has it's own hieroglyph.

There is not a lot you can do at the site except browsing random reactions but next on the to-do list is adding search capabilities. Cleaning the patent database will take more time than anticipated. The database now has only 800 public reactions with a million still to sort out.

Stay healthy and kill off the virus in 2021.