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BKchem 0.125

BKchem 0.125
19 December 2008 - software

The molecular editor BKchem is celebrating version 0.125 and all images you see on this website have been created using this tool. Most importantly it generates .svg images and secondly its free! (also see earlier post here). (Windows users make sure the export is stored as a SVG (Cairo))

Nice features are the way the software draws arrows and the way the software handles charges. Things still to work out are better fine tuning of moving a molecule versus moving an atom within a molecule. On the wish list: more orbital features, SVG import. Image above critical gold catalysed propagyl Claisen rearrangement in the synthesis of azadirachtin by Ley et al. (al 46 of them) in 2008 (DOI) is the first image generated with version 0.125. Through difficulties to the heights!