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BASF on sustainable chemistry

BASF on sustainable chemistry
05 June 2012 - Marketing

BASF promo.gifCheck out this BASF promo on youtube. The video warns that pretty soon in 2050 we share the world with 9 billion people who want a "livable environment", a "stable climate", "clean water" and most of all a "sustainable future". BASF creates chemistry! All nice and well. But what are the labcoat-wearing individuals admiring right in the middle of the clip? n-octane? What kind of message is that? In 2050 we will still rely on gasoline? Octane's only claim to fame is its presence in gasoline. And BASF does not have to create it, just distill it. Okay it could be perfluorooctane but here Wikipedia does not list any cool sustainable applications either.
What more appropriate molecules could BASF have showcased? They make a lot of pesticides like Fipronil. In the promo the company mentions it is dedicated to increasing crop yields and pesticides are one way to accomplish that. BASF also makes a lot of polyurethanes that help reduce the weight of any transporter. It also sells isometheptene. With 9 billion fellow humans you may need that occasionally.

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